Constructive Frustration

Have you ever gotten really bad news, so you figure:

“WTH I am just going to log on <Insert Game Here> and kill some shit!”

Today is one of those days. I woke up to some bad news and with no real way to help or do much of anything but take phone calls and relay the information to hopefully someone who can help. I decided I will take out my frustrations on pixilated characters and level up my toon. I recently started playing GW2 again and have been having a blast. I decided on an Engineer and Leo is coming along nicely… for a level 10 character.

I have not played GW2 in a long time and I am really enjoying getting back into it, I even spent the money for the collector’s editions because I was so freaking excited for it. I wanted a new MMO that was changing the way MMOs are being done. I simply love the design and how amazing it plays, but this is not the place for a raving review about it.

As I get further in my gameplay I will share some tips that I needed along my leveling way. I most recently shared a list of the attributes. I was sitting there trying to decide what I wanted when I would finish a quest and debate what piece of armor or weapon to take with the different attributes. It can be daunting and I wanted what fit me and my play-style.

So as the stresses of today envelope me I will be rushing to shoot pixilated toons in the face with my trusty Avenger’s Rifle I received last night before going to bed, this thing is pretty badass. I think it is great to have something I can use for constructive stress relief… you know, instead of dealing with things like a normal human being would.



Founder of Girl Gone Digital. She loves to spend her free time playing new games and learning new tips and tricks to better each game she plays. Loving a game just means she will play it repeatedly and find out each possible ending or just try to find the quickest way to beat it.

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