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As we approach the holidays now is the time to really begin thinking about what to get those special people in your life. I have quite a few gamers I buy for and sometimes I really want to blow them away! So this year I have been looking at the Astro A40 Audio System. It is something I have eyed for myself for years. I always wondered if they were better than the headset I already had, which was quite nice. It was hard to believe that it would just be just like any ‘ol headset considering the things I have heard about them and the fact that they are a bit pricier than most.


When reviewing the Astro A40s I checked them up and down and wanted to make sure they are durable as well. So I popped on my Neon Pink bad boys and took them for many a stroll over the past couple weeks. Check out their Neon Color Series for some awesome other colors! I have to say I love them. There are many neat features not to be over looked. One of my favorite is that I can unplug it from the actual headset and get up to get a drink or something without having to take the headset off or I could just pop it down around my neck without the ear pieces sticking out. Let me also mention that I have had it tossed around a bit and its still in excellent condition.

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It stays securely on your head and you can adjust it to fit perfectly. They slide up and down and have an amazing pad at the top to rest on your head. I barely notice it is there when I am gaming, which says a lot considering my old set was big and clunky. I wear glasses and it does make it hard to find a headset that will fit securely and not scrunch up my glasses on my face. With this headset you slip it over your head and that is it. It rests softly on my glasses and as I said before, I do not even notice I have the headset on.

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I want to go ahead and tell you about the quality of sound you get from just the headset. I know that I am reviewing the entire Audio System, but say you just want the headset… I want you to know what you are getting into. So you pop these bad boys on and start playing a game. The quality of sound is fantastic. You have the volume and mute controls right on the wire of the headset and its easy to reach. I started playing games right away without hooking it up to the MixAmp Pro and the quality was fantastic, I was mad at myself for not getting a pair of these long ago. You can really hear the difference, and do not get the white noise in the background you do from other headsets I have tried. Everything that comes from the headset is crystal clear. I have been using the headset for not just gaming, but also listening to music while I work, it helps me get in the zone and I love the quality compared to just my speakers or my other headsets.

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Okay let us get to the man of the hour, the MixAmp Pro. I want to tell you that this little guy is well worth it. You get to adjust the sounds that come out of the headset in a really easy fashion, just turn the dials till you get to that quality you want. No longer do you have to go into settings and fiddle with them till it sounds maybe close to how you want it. It was really easy to adjust and I got to hear my friends chatting and the game in just the way I wanted. I use it all the time now and will never go back to the old way with settings.

Here comes the part of the review that tells you the cons, now how could their be cons in such an amazing item? I could not tell you, but they are slight and will in no way detour me from using it. So the main wire for the headset has the volume control and I kept bumping it and losing all sound. It really frustrated me, it seems they should have some way to possibly stop it from twisting just from being bumped. It is an easy fix though, when I lose the sound I just turn the dial again and I am on my way.

Now one other little thing is not exactly a con, but it had me intimidated. You open up the MixAmp Pro and there are TONS OF WIRES. So it is intimidating, but they include in it a card that shows you exactly how to set it up and it is a lot easier than it seems. So just follow the card and you are on the road to success!

This is an amazing headset that will give you a competitive edge in competitive play. It also will allow you to hear who you are playing with and against in the best way possible. Gives you full control of your sound so that you can really be in your game and not constantly changing the volume. Aside from the crazy bumping of the volume dial it is a perfect headset for gaming. I think that if you are looking for yourself or for someone over the holidays, you can not go wrong with getting them an Astro A40 Audio System!

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